Image Disclaimer

The images on this web site are provided to assist you in choosing a Foremost Bath product. These images are meant to be a representation only and are not intended to provide a perfect match to the actual product finish. Wood can vary significantly in color, texture and grain pattern. These qualities make each piece of furniture distinct and add to the beauty and warmth of the wood. Not only do variations occur in real wood, but the multistep finishing process can also have an effect on the cabinet glazing, burnishing and highlighting. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the image you see will be an exact match to the finished product.

In addition, colors and image size may vary based upon your screen resolution and other computer settings outside of our control. The image may differ from the actual product due to reproduction limitations and limitations of viewing images at different resolutions, hue, brightness, contrast, and other screen variations.

Therefore, FGI Industries, LTD. shall not be held responsible for any variation between the images on this website and the actual products you receive, including but not limited to: color grain finish, and character variation.