Frequently asked questions


A: The manufacturing location varies by product. We manufacture in China, Mexico, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Please refer to the specific product details for more information.
A: At any retail or wholesale distributor in our Where to Buy section. Vanities and shower doors are not able to be purchased directly by a consumer.
A: Contractors or designers interested in ordering product in large quantities may inquire about setting up an account. For single orders or smaller projects, we can provide the best service to you if you work with one of our wholesale distributors.
A. Under California’s Proposition 65, The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, businesses selling products to California consumers are required to provide specified warnings as to a product containing any amount of nearly 1,000 listed chemicals that can be touched by the user’s hands unless the business can prove that the level is such that the chemical poses no significant risk of cancer and, for some chemicals, is less than 1/1,000 of a “no observable effect level.” Companies who do not provide warnings are subject to enforcement lawsuits by California residents seeking injunctions and penalties of up to $2,500 for every unit sold. They need not prove, and never do prove, that anybody was caused any damage by the product. We have never heard of a person sustaining cancer or reproductive harm as a result of using any of our products. Accordingly, we believe it is highly probable that the exposures, if any, are far below the no significant risk level and no observable effect level divided by 1,000. However, developing and presenting the scientific evidence and testimony a business needs to prove the level of exposure can cost between many hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars in legal costs. Accordingly, in order to keep our product costs at a minimal level and prevent this expensive litigation, we place the warning on each of our products that we believe contains a listed chemical, even though it is probable that the level of exposure is sufficiently low that no harm is caused.


A: At this time, we do not manufacture any filler strips for our vanities.
A: Stain is available in pen form for the touching up of minor scratches, dents, and flaws. We do not carry stain in larger containers.
A: The stain used on our vanities is a custom stain mixed by our factories. Unfortunately, our stains are not available for purchase.
A: All commercial grade finishes contain some levels of formaldehyde. Foremost vanities meet or exceed CARB-2 requirements implemented by the state of California.
A: MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is an engineered wood product.

Shower Doors

A: The height and width of the finished opening is needed to choose a shower door size.
A: Since many of our shower doors are made to order, some retailers may not accept returns. We recommend that you wait until the area is finished to ensure that you choose a door in the correct size.
A: Through a retail or wholesale distributor. The distributor will assist you in the quoting process.
A: A hand-drawn sketch with finished height, width, and centerline (middle-of-threshold) dimensions. In addition, glass type and finish color should also be provided.
A: The H2OFF technology will always be on the side of the panel opposite of where the sticker is located.

Vitreous China – Toilets & Pedestal Sinks

A: Foremost has a number of instructional videos on YouTube including how to install a replacement fill valve.

Fill Valve Replacement video

A: Foremost has a number of instructional videos on YouTube including how to adjust a fill valve.

Fill Valve Adjustment video

A: Foremost has a number of instructional videos on YouTube including how to replace a flapper.

Flapper Replacement video